Essays on photography and racial whiteness:

︎︎︎ How do white people see? (Vogue Italia)
︎︎︎ White Gaze (1000 Words)
︎︎︎ Perfect White Family (1000 Words)
︎︎︎ Incoming: Photography and Whiteness (American Suburb X)
︎︎︎ The Image of Whiteness (SPBH Editions/Art on the Underground)
︎︎︎ Can we imagine a world without white eyes? (The Guardian)
︎︎︎ What Should White Culture Do? From Racial Equivalance to Anti-whiteness (RCA)
︎︎︎ Ways of Seeing Whiteness (George Yancy: A Critical Introduction, Rowman & Littlefield)

Essays on photography, literature and the essay form:

︎︎︎ Be it in light or shadow: Photography and the Essay (The Photographers’ Gallery)
︎︎︎ Of Water and Triangles (1000 Words)
︎︎︎ The Time of Prison Writing (1000 Words)
︎︎︎ Two Places (Chandelier Projects)
︎︎︎ You talk about death very flatly (1000 Words)

Essays on photography (and photocollage, birdsong, posters, technology, clouds, a growing list):

︎︎︎ Pieces of Me (Foam)
︎︎︎ The Pixel is a Note of Birdsong (source)
︎︎︎ Dreamtime (1000 Words
︎︎︎ Photography’s Technofiction (Foam)
︎︎︎ Path to Clouds (T14 Contemporary)
︎︎︎ Claimed Memories of Previous Lives (Foam)

Fiction, poetry, free verse:

︎︎︎ Spillings
︎︎︎ Nice Love
︎︎︎ Semen of the Sun
︎︎︎ Nevertheless
︎︎︎ A Cloud to the Back
︎︎︎ Two or more eyes
︎︎︎ Magpie (For Anxious Objects)
︎︎︎ About Now
︎︎︎ geš-`ur, The Plan
︎︎︎ Bowers: From form to public
︎︎︎ Cold Children
︎︎︎ Satori For Birds